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This is the official web page for T.M.U.Y.B (The Monster's Under Your Bed). T.M.U.Y.B is a club that started in WBS. WBS stands for Webchat Broadcasting System. We are the Monster's! You can WBS to go to WBS. If you see anyone in WBS with a monster handle (handle with the word "monster" in it) say "HI" and chat with them! Most members of T.M.U.Y.B are friends and get along with each other. Click the link to the left that says "Monster's That Scare You" to find out who is joined, what their handle is, their email, and their Monster web page. Click it and find out about us ALL!

To be a part of T.M.U.Y.B you must join. You must have a monster handle for the chat room. You can use the handle I give you or you can email me and tell me what your handle is. You MUST make a monster web page. It can be anywhere on the internet. In order to join you MUST email me at MonsterUnderYourBed@earthling.net or sign the guestbook to the left. Do it now! Click the link to the left that says "Monster Claws" to read the claws (rules) that all monsters must follow. Do it Now!

I made a stupid quiz! The quiz is called "The Almighty Quiz". Take it and find out just how smart/dumb you are. Let's all hope you're smart. Then you'll feel special! Take the quiz now, ok?

There is a monster webring! Click the link to the left to join. The ring is not complete yet, so you might not want to join yet. Hopefully it will be underway soon!

Also there is a Monster ChatRoom! Finally! It is a JAVA chat so it'll take a while to load. Click the link to the left to chat! Keep in mind that it is not the best chat room in the world, but it's all I could get.

The Vice President of T.M.U.Y.B is my friend Travis. You can contact him at Travman1@hotmail.com. He can answer pretty much every question you want to know about T.M.U.Y.B. If he can't answer it, then he'll ask me and I'll answer it for you. Travis was the VERY first member of T.M.U.Y.B (besides me) and that's one of the reasons why he's Mr. Vice President.

You are the th person to visit T.M.U.Y.B's Club Page!