Monster Chat

This is the irc chat that I got for the monsters to chat in. This is one of the best chats I could find for T.M.U.Y.B. Please fill out the form below and click "Start Chatting" to begin your chatting in MonsterChat. I hope you enjoy it! My chat nickname is MonsterUnderYourBed so if you see me in there say "HELLO"! Thanks and have fun!

Before you begin chatting please read the chat rules. If any of these rules are broken you will get ONE warning. Anytime you break the rules after that warning you will be kicked from the chat. If what you did was bad enough you will be BANNED from the chat and will not be able to enter again. Please do not break the rules. I don't enjoy kicking and banning people, but I will do it (and so will my chat helpers).


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