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1. What's black and white and red all over?

2. What goes vroom vroom and has big ears?

3. What's green and by the ocean?

4. Do you know what the word "filibuster" means?

5. 123456789 are the first nine letters, right?

6. Do you like the color pink?

7. Look at your clock. Does it say 8:21pm?

8. If I'm running at 10mph and I run for 60min, how far would I have ran?

9. By any chance, can you pronounce the word "lackadaisical"?

10. What did the rope say to Tarzan?

11. How did the animal trainer get squashed?

12. What kind of weapon goes buzz! buzz! when you pull the trigger?

13. Who was the fastest runner in history?

14. How do you stop an olive from sqeaking?

15. What do you call a person from New England who draws funny pictures?

16. Do you think my questions are dumb?

17. Do you LOVE me?

18. Where do you live?

19. What's your name?


20. Aren't you glad this is the last question?

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